Host a Party

Make your next party a hit with Makanas Shave Ice.

How it works:  We come to your party and serve unlimited authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice to all of your guests.  You provide us an area with a dedicated power source where we can set up, and we provide the rest.  We need about a half hour of set up time, and then we will be ready to serve your guests.


We charge $350 for a two hour event. 
What's included in the price: Everything - cups, straws, spoons, napkins, ice, ice cream, flavors, toppings, all necessary equipment and supplies.  We come with two people ready to serve as much Shave Ice as your guests can eat.  It is UNLIMITED. 

Additional fees:
$100 an hour for any additional hours requested.  For example: a three hour event is $450.
$75 an hour additional for each added person serving ice.  When we add a person to our normal two person shave ice team, we can shave more ice - this means we can provide more shave ice in the 2 hours - this is ideal for larger parties.  To determine if your event should require more people, please call NataLee at 916-769-3540, and she will help you determine what you need for your party.

Set your next event apart with Makanas.   
  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Luaus
  • Barbeques
  • and more

To schedule a party please email: or call NataLee at 916-769-3540
*** $100 is due upon booking, the balance is due upon our arrival to the party.


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