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Makanas offers authentic Hawaiian style Shave Ice with ice cream, shaved ice, flavoring, and cream.

We are a mobile company specializing in private parties and events.  We would love to come to your party and offer Shave Ice to all of your guests.  Click the Parties link above for more information and prices. 

What is Shave Ice?  How is it different from snow cones?
Shave ice and snow cones are made differently.  In making snow cones, the ice is ground up into a gravel like consistency.  It is harder like a popsicle with a choice of only a few flavors.  Shave ice is much finer.  It is soft and light because it is not ground; it is shaved using a blade.  Shave ice is one of the most well-know gourmet treats in Hawaii. 

Shave Ice or Shaved Ice?  
The easiest way for a Hawaiian to know you are a haole (tourist) is to call it Shaved Ice. 

Makanas has been owned and operated by Fred and NataLee Allen since 2011.  They live in El Dorado Hills, California with their two daughters.  NataLee first had the idea for a Shave Ice company in college on a visit to Hawaii.  We are looking forward to serving you at your next party. 
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